Toronto Branch - Driveway Sealing and Core Aeration


Our Toronto branch provide asphalt driveway sealing and is currently serving the city of Toronto and surrounding areas (Hamilton, Niagara, London, Guelph, and more).


Chrimwami Francois - Head of Driveway Sealing and Core Aeration

Asphalt Driveway Sealing

The process of servicing your driveway to protect it from easily damaging and maintain its appearance.

Asphalt Driveways tend to develop cracks, lose colour when not given proper maintenance. Once the driveway develops cracks, these can lead to total damaging of the driveway hence the need for a new one leading to loss of huge amounts of money.

At Strive 1st, Your #1 Driveway sealers service, we are here to protect you from all those costs and prolong your asphalt driveway.

We are here to eliminate your problem.

Prevent Cracks, change your driveway appearance status to a new look

At Strive 1st, we use Tar-based sealant, the best quality sealant product on the market not mixed with other products like petroleum and this is likely to last you 2-3 years before you can work on your driveway again.

Standard Driveways (Asphalt driveways without cracks) include a removal of all dirt and marbles from the driveway by use of a strong pressure blower and then followed by the sealing process.
Damaged Driveways (Driveways with cracks) This includes the removal of dirt, debris, marbles and sometimes weeds that grow in the cracks. Cracks are then covered with the seal-star/ Crack filler. Crack filling is an important step that protects the foundation of asphalt from being disturbed by weather changes ( Heating and snowing) periods.