About Us

Strive First began as a Student's Moving Service company, which was owned and operated by Yves Burume. Our team was made up of a network of students and recent graduates from colleges, universities, and high schools around Canada.

The name was later changed to Strive First as our company, personnel, and services expanded. However, we strive to continue providing the same affordable, reliable, and client-centred services that our customers have come to expect.

Strive First provides various services to our clients including: moving, delivery, installation, and assembly services.

Our company seeks to provide high quality services to our clients while empowering the next generation with the skills and experiences they need to continue being contributing members of our society.

Our mission is to provide a team of experienced professionals to support our clients in the most convenient and effective way possible. Our objective is to assist our clients smoothly achieve their goals by saving them time, money, and energy. Let us strive first to make your life easier.

Strive First Crew - 2021